Tara Borgilt

Therapeutic Massage &

Fascial Bodywork

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With grounded confidence, curiosity, and deep listening, I offer an open heart to my work with people looking for a more easeful, and connected relationship with their body.

Whether in the space of an hour, or over many sessions, I will support your process and invite possibilities for new sensations and expanded freedom.

Tara Borgilt, LMT

Williamsburg, MA

Your visit

We will begin with a conversation about how you're feeling and what brought you in. For your first session, I'll ask about your health history, daily activities, and experience with massage and touch. We'll make a plan together to address your goals, including where, with what qualities, and what communication you want us to focus our work. Our plan is always open to change and I will encourage your empowerment always.

Fascia Bodywork

I use slow, intentional techniques to connect with the fascial layers surrounding your muscles, bones and other tissues. By tapping into this body-wide network of sensory and structural communication, we can open more space for new patterns of movement and sensation.

People describe receiving fascia bodywork as tingling, invigorating, releasing, and report feeling taller, looser, happier and pain-free afterwards.

A session may also incorporate:

Swedish massage

Gentle manipulation of limbs and joints

Guided breathing


Active and passive stretches

Abdominal massage

Prenatal massage

Attention to subtle changes in sensation

Rates & Services

$80 for 1 hour session

$110 for 1.5 hour session

Discounts available for BIPoC and public school teachers

Covid Precautions

The treatment room has air purifiers and many windows. I leave the choice of wearing a mask to you and am happy to wear one if you prefer.

Mobile Massage

If you are interested in massage at your home or event massage, please get in touch for prices and details.


I attended Ashland Institute of Massage in my hometown in southern Oregon. I've taken continuing education courses in advanced myofascial techniques for work with TMJ, head, neck, migraines and headaches.

Before studying massage, I taught preschool in Amherst, MA. I currently practice and teach the Afro-Brazilian martial art capoeira in Northampton, MA.

Weaving my background in education and martial arts into my sessions, I encourage direct experience of change and learning through body-centered awareness. Every moment is an opportunity for discovery.


I am so appreciative of Tara's attentive presence. She uses a collaborative approach which helps create safety and attunement and ensures the sessions meet my specific needs for that day (varying pressure, area of the body to focus on, injury, etc.). I have never before committed to consistent massage but I am now!



For more information or to schedule a session please reach out by phone, text, or email.

541. 601. 8630 tarabmassage8@gmail.com